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St. John’s College Social Media Accounts

Collegewide Social Media Accounts
Collegewide Facebook Instagram Other
St. John’s College (Official) Collegewide Facebook Annapolis Instagram (Annapolis)

Santa Fe Instagram (Santa Fe)
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St. John’s College Alumni Relations Alumni Relations on Facebook Alumni Relations on Instagram Alumni Relations on LinkedIn
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The following accounts are associated with St. John’s College through various offices, events, or activities and are subject to the college’s social media policies. Although they are not the primary voice of St. John’s, they are representative of offices within the college and each campus.

Annapolis Social Media Accounts
Annapolis campus Facebook Instagram
Athletics Annapolis Athletics on Facebook Temple Iglehart on Instagram
Bookstore   Annapolis Bookstore on Instagram
Career Development Annapolis Career Development on Facebook Annapolis Career Development on Instagram
Communications (Official)   Annapolis Communications on Instagram
Greenfield Library Greenfield Library on Facebook Greenfield Library on Instagram
Health and Wellness Center   Annapolis Health and Wellness Center on Instagram
Mitchell Art Museum Mitchell Art Museum on Facebook Mitchell Art Museum on Instagram
Office of Public Safety Office of Public Safety on Facebook  
Santa Fe Social Media Accounts
Santa Fe campus Facebook Instagram
Bookstore   Santa Fe Bookstore on Instagram
Communications (Official)   Santa Fe Communications on Instagram
Meem Library Meem Library on Facebook Meem Library on Instagram
Outdoor Program   Outdoor Program on Instagram
Student Activity Center   Student Activity Center on Instagram
Summer Classics Summer Classics on Facebook  

Social Media Guidelines

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The regular practice of St. John’s College is not to request or require access to students’ private email, social media, or other personal electronic accounts; this practice complies with the provisions of Md. Code Ann., Educ. § 26-401 (Personal Electronic Account Privacy Protection).